Luba is in the Semi-Final of WCH

Today, started the World Championship in Trampoline gymnastics. The capital of Japan, Tokyo is hosting this event, and 336 gymnasts from 37 nations are participating. This Championship is one of the major qualification events for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games for the trampoline gymnasts. The best 8 woman and 8 man gymnasts will get the Tokyo2020 qualification places. Georgia is represented by two gymnasts leading Georgian trampoline gymnasts: Luba Golovina and Tengizi Koshkadze. Just know we got the qualification round results and we can congratulate Luba Golovina with her place among the best 24 gymnasts in the Semi-Finals. Tenigizi Koshkadze had separated from the Semi-finals just by 1 point. The Semi-finals will take place on the 30TH November , and at the same day will be the Finals. Just best the best 8 gymnast (woman, men) will get to the Finals. Good luck to Luba!