YOG 2018 license for Georgia

Yesterday, Moscow hosted RG Grand Prix , which was the qualification event for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires (ARG) in October 2018.

56 Gymnasts from 33 countries battled it for 18 quota places. Only gymnasts born in 2003 were eligible and each country could earn only 1 spot. The placees earned are non-nominative, meaning that the federation can still decide which gymnast to send to the Games.

Among the others had participated our Federation’s gymnasts: Ketevan Arbolishvili and Ana Chkoidze.

Ketevan with 50,300 points , had taken the 20TH place, which was enough to earn for Georgia the quota place.

We congratulate Ketevan , and her coach Mrs. Bella Kobaladze, and the Head coach of the Georgian RG national team Mrs. Eliso Bedoshvili with this success.

Well done and we wish you more success in the future.