UEG Judges' course

Artistic Gymnastics MAG and WAG National Judges course took place 31 January-2 February 2020 in Tbilisi (Georgia). The course was organized and planned by the UEG. 4 UEG expert judges who had arrived to Tbilisi to educate our National judges were: Mrs.Orna SHAI, Mrs.Christine FRAUENKNECHT, Mr.Jean-Fran็ois BLANQUINO and Mr.Ilia GOIRGADZE. During the course days experts had given the maximum theoretical information in regards to the current judges' COP rules and also, about the proposed new rules. Also, the judges had some practical exercises and tests. Our judges had many questions, which were fully answered by the experts. All in all , the course was held in a very high professional level by the expert judges. This course helped our judges to make one more step in the right direction of development as the judge with high quality knowledge. We would like to thank the above mentioned expert judges, for their excellent job. Our thank you goes, also, to the UEG and personally to the president Mr. Farid Gayibov. We would like to thank the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia for the help with organisation of the course. Also, we would like to thank the hotels in which our expert judges were staying and were the course was held: Light House Old City and Jazz Hotel.