Gymnasts from 53 countries competed at the World Championships, which for the first time was using the new code of points in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Maximum of two gymnasts per country were allowed to compete in the individual competition, contending for top honors in the All-around as well as with each of the four handheld apparatus (Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon). Rhythmic Groups of five gymnasts were competing for the Group All-around title, as well as gold in apparatus finals with the 5 Hoops and 3 Balls/2 Ropes.

Italy hosted a World Championships in the discipline for the first time, but Pesaro is city which already has welcomed a World Cup event nine times..

Competition began August 30 with qualification rounds with the Hoop and Ball, followed by finals with the same apparatus that evening. Qualifications and finals with the Clubs and Ribbon took place the next day, and scores from the first two days of qualification were totaled to determine the top 24 gymnasts wh advance to the September 1 All-around final. For the Groups, the All-around title was taken on September 2, and Group apparatus finals closed the show September 3.

Georgia were represented by the following delegation members: Neli Saladze was a Head of the delegation, Eliso Dedoshvili was the Reference judge, Bella Kobaladze was the judge, Lali Dolidze Jantez was a coach, and of course the gymnasts: Salome Pazhava and Elina Valieva.

As you may remember Salome Pazhava was injured last year ,and she was not able to fully recovered, because earlier this year she had dislocated her elbow, which forced her to take a break, also she had school and university enrolment exams, all this made her to start trainings very late this year. She had competed just at the Kazan World Cup2017. But, Salome did very good job at the Championships she was 15TH in Individual All Around Final, also she was in the clubs Finals and took the 8TH place.

Also, did well our other gymnast Elina Valieva, for whom it was the first World Championships. And, of course with the first such a big tournament she was very nervous and actions. But, Elina managed to be in the in Individual All Around Final, and took the 24TH place.

This was the first time for a long period that our two gymnasts at the same time were in the in Individual All Around Final.

Sisters from Russia Dina and Arina Averiana won each 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the Apparatus finals, also Dina won the gold medal at the All-Around. One gold medal in the group competition ( 3 Balls/2 Ropes) had won the group from Italy , and one gold (5 Hoops) medal had won the group from Russia.

We wish our gymnasts all the best in the upcoming tournaments and championships.