It is became a tradition in Batumi to hold ‘’R. Sikahrulidze cup’’, and this year was not an acceptation, and the tournament took place from 10 to 15 July in the Batumi State University sports hall. Gymnasts from many countries arrived to Batumi to compete in this very interesting tournament.

Also, with the delegations arrived many famous, successful artistic gymnasts: Antonia Koshel-Olympic Champion (Belarus), Oksana Olmelianchik –Worls Champion (Ukraine), Alina Kozich—four time Olypic games participant and the European champion (Ukraine), Viktoria Komova—two time Olympic Silver medals winner and two time World and Europe champion. Also, were FIG international category judges: Andrey Fedorov (Belarus), Hakob Serobyan (Armenia), Svetlana Tkachenko (Belarus), Vitali Arseniev (Ukraine), Ilia Giorgadze (Georgia), Iuri Kriukov (Russia), Paulina Kocieda (Poland) and others.

Georgia were presented at the tournament with WAG gymnasts: Mari Peradze, Ani Gobadze, Alla Sosnitskaia, Maria Butckikh and Anna Subbotina, and MAG gymnasts: Bidzina Sitchinava, Dachi Dolidze, Levan Skhiladze, Dmitrii Govorov and Konstantn Kuzovkov.

The tournament was very friendly and sportive. The only unfortunate point was when Georgian gymnast Maria Butckikh incur an injury. Maria is feeling better now, and we do hope she will recover very soon.

All the delegations left Batumi in very positive mood and ready to come back next year again.

Here are the results.

Team Results—WAG:

I place –Team Russia, II place- Team Georgia, III place- Team Ukraine


I place-Urazova Vladislava (RUS), II place-Subbotina Anna (GEO), III place-Astafieva Olga (RUS),

(Peradze Mari 16TH place, Gobadze Ani 20TH place)


I place-Kuznetsova Anastasia (RUS), II place-Sosnitskaya Alla (GEO), III place-Travikova Anna (BLR),

IV place—Butckikh Maria

Apparatus Finals—WAG—Seniors:

Vault: I place-Sosnitskaia Alla (GEO), II place-Butckikh Maria (GEO)

Balance Beam: I place-Sosnitckaia Alla (GEO) , II place-Travikova Anna (BLR), III place-Kuznetsova Anastasia (RUS)

Uneven Bars: I place-Travikova Anna (BLR), II place—Kuznetsova Anastasia (RUS), III place—Sosnitskaia Alla (GEO)

Floor Exercise: I place-Sosnitskaia Alla (GEO), II place-Kuznetsova Anastasia (RUS), III place-Travikova Anna (BLR)

Apparatus Finals—WAG—Juniors:

Vault: I place-Urazova Vladislava (RUS), II place-Astafieva Olga (RUS), III place—Metelica Ganna (BLR)

Balance Beam: I place-Urazova Vladislava (RUS) , II place-Savelina Dana (UKR), III place-Pilet Ksenia (BLR)

Uneven Bars: I place-Astafieva Olga (RUS), II place—Subbotina Anna (GEO), III place—Urazova Vladislava (RUS).

Floor Exercise: I place-Urazova Vladislava (RUS), II place-Astafieva Olga (RUS), III place-Savelieva Dana (UKR).

Team Results-- MAG:
I place –Team Russia, II place- Team Georgia, III place- Team Armenia


I place-Rostov Aleksei (RUS), II place-Kibartas Ilia (RUS), III place-Kuzovkov Konstantin (RUS),

(4TH place –Govorov Dmitrii (GEO)


I place-Smbatian Zhora (ARM), II place-Sitchinava Bidzina (GEO), III place-Patanin Dmitrii (KAZ),

(7TH place—Skhiladze Levan and 11TH place –Dolidze Dachi (GEO)

Apparatus Finals—MAG—Seniors:

Floor Exercise: I place-Rostov Aleksei (RUS), II place—Govorov Dmitrii (GEO), III place –Kuzovkov Konstantin (GEO)

Pommel Horse: I place-Musaev Akim (KAZ), II place-Kurbanov Nariman (KAZ), III place-Rostov Aleksei (RUS)

Steel Rings: I place-Kibartas Ilia (RUS), II place-Avetisian Artur (ARM), III place-Rostov Aleksei (RUS)

Vault: I place-Tikhonov Ivan (RUS), II place—Bulavsky Pavel (BLR), III place—Govorov Dmitrii (GEO)

Parallel Bars: I place-Tvorogal Robert (LTH) and Kuzmiskas Thomas (LTH), III place—Rostov Aleksei

High Bar: I place—Kuzmiskas Thomas (LTH), II place—Rostov Aleksei (RUS), III place—Kibartsas Ilia (RUS)

Apparatus Finals—MAG—Juniors:

Floor Exercise: I place-Parkhimchuk Kirill (BLR), II place—Sitchinava Bidzina (GEO), III place –Ghazorian Vache (ARM) (7TH place—Dolidze Dachi (GEO)

Pommel Horse: I place-Khachikian Gagik (ARM) and Smbatian Zhora (ARM), III place-Nabiev Pharukh (KAZ) (4TH place –Skhiladze Levan, 7TH place—Dolidze Dachi)

Steel Rings: I place-Smbatian Zhora (ARM), II place-Akobian Narbe (ARM), III place-Patanin Dmitrii (KAZ) (4TH place—Sitchinava Bidzina, 6TH place—Skhiladze Levan (GEO)

Vault: I place-Nabiev Pharukh (KAZ), II place— Parkhimchuk Kirill (BLR), III place—Patanin Dmitrii(KAZ)

Parallel Bars: I place-Baghdasarian Erik (ARM), II place—Akopian Narbe (ARM) , III place—Sitchinava Bidzina (GEO) and Ermakovs Viktor (LAT) and Akramov Izaat (KAZ)

High Bar: I place—Smbatian Zhora (ARM), II place— Parkhimchuk Kirill (BLR), III place-Sitchinava Bidzina (GEO).