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On day 2 of the 28th European Championships in Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling in Rimini (ITA), the senior trampoline gymnasts fought for glory in the team finals . In a new format, the final is divided in three groups, with one gymnast per country performing. The Spanish team, featuring Noemi Romero Rosario, Melania Rodriguez and Marina Chavarria, held off a challenge by Georgia, represented by Teona Janjgava, Luba Golovina, Anano Apakidze and Sophio Dashniani. Germany beat Portugal and Ukraine for the bronze medal, much to the delight of team members Fiona Schneider, Luka Kristien Frey, Gabriela Stoehr and Leonie Adam. In the men’s competition, France and Portugal went head-to-head with all six gymnasts completing their full routine. Both teams were anchored by experienced gymnasts. Allan Morante scored 58.970, slightly less than the highest score of the final, 58.990 for Zak Perzamanos (GBR) while Diogo Abreu posted a 57.240. Gold for France, where Pierre Gouzou, Morgan Demiro-O-Domiro and Florestan Riou joined Morante on the podium. Portugal, fully appreciative of Abreu’s solid effort, enjoyed their silver while Great Britain needed a tie-breaker based on best time of flight scores against Ukraine to decide the bronze medal. Congratulations! Medallists Senior teams Trampoline Women GOLD Spain SILVER Georgia BRONZE Germany Men GOLD France SILVER Portugal BRONZE Great Britain Find the full results on 2022 Trampoline Europeans - Rimini (ITA) | European Gymnastics The competition continues tomorrow with the senior team finals on Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling and the Synchro finals for the juniors.