At the Moscow RG Grand Prix 2019, Georgian RG gymnast Salome Pazhava had taken Bronze medal in exercise with the Clubs.

In the All-Around Salome had taken the 6TH place, and she participated in three finals: exercises with the BALL, exercise with the Clubs and exercises with Hoop.

The best result she got in the exercise with the Clubs, were she got 19,300 points and the 3RD place.

During the Grand Prix was held also an International tournament for the youth RG gymnasts, who are going to participate at the 1ST Youth World Championships.

At this international tournament had participated two Georgian gymnasts: Nutsa Janashvili and Elizaveta Makhoshvili, and both of them were at the finals.

Nutsa da taken the 5TH place and the 8TH place, and Elizaveta two 8TH places.

Well done to Salome, and good luck to her and also to Nutsa and Elizaveta at the future tournaments.