Georgian RG judges passed the Exam

After the ending of every Olympic Cycle, the FIG is holding the courses for the judges. On those courses the judges must pass tests in order to get an international category brevets.

From 17 to 21 January 2017, in Baku (Azerbaijan) was held an Intercontinental course for the MAG Judges.

Our Federation (UGGF), at the course was represented by : ElisoBedoshvili and Bella Kobaladze. .

Both of them had passed all the exams with the great marks and received the 1ST category brevets for the Individual judging, and for the Groups judging ElisoBedoshvili had received 2ND category and Bella Kobaladze the 3RD category .

We are congratulating our judges with such a great result and we hope all other our judges will pass the exams.