Acrobatic gymnastics: national Judges’ courses

Last week, 20-23 April, United Georgian Gymnastics Federation, in Tbilisi , at the New Gymnastics Arena hold a national judges course for the Acrobatic gymnastics coaches and judges. The course was organized by the Vice-president of the federation Mrs. Inga Giorgobiani. Experts at the course were the international category judges in Acrobatic gymnastics: Nino Berianidze, Dali Peikrishvili, Mariami Gigolashvili. Also, was invite a neutral observer, the Manager of the International Relations Department of the Federation Mr. Giorgi Gegetchkori.

During the course the experts explained to the applicants the new FIG COP 2017-2020, also, the new rules and regulations for the judges. Also, they had explained and showed to the applicants some samples of the test which they would have taken at the last day of the course. The applicants had arrived from different regions and cities: Tbilisi, Terjola, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Marneuli and Barumi.

On the last day of the course was held an exam, and all the applicants who would pass this exam will be given National category and also 1ST category judges’ brevets. The national category will allow judges to judge in Georgia, all the categories and international program categories, and the 1ST category will judge just the age categories.

The course results will be known in ten days time and will be sent to the concern regional federations.